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VR Can Be Used In What Areas


 Since it is the display device, the film will certainly not go go to this piece of friends. VR is not just a simple 3D movie so simple, and even can be said that 3D movies is only part of the VR movie only.Consumers use the mobile phone APP and Youtobe download VR video, through the VR glasses to watch, it is very convenient.

 You can see the 3D movie when you can feel the people in the movie to you. You when you look at the VR movie is able to interact with the people in the movie.


2. Game

 VR game can do already in the force, and VR games can achieve a lot of ordinary games can not achieve the effect of exciting effect. Bluetooth remote with VR Glasses to play the VR game.


 VR is also widely used in medicine, with the VR we can model the human body, through the VR sensor to novice doctor more intuitive experience of the surgical process, there are some medical experiments can also be achieved through the VR device.


4. Electricity business

 Take the clothing and after the buyer in the online shopping time to go through the VR to try to wear clothing, eliminating the color and size and many other other of the dispute, and the girls can also try to try to network business clothes until their satisfaction.



 Military deduction is reduced to military military combat, imagine the enemy on our army or our various ways of attack, our army is how to fight back the enemy, which are from the continuous exercise to get real combat experience, with VR equipment can More intuitive simulation of the battlefield deduced